Unique Ways To Clean Your Home

Clean Your Home Using Unconventional Methods

Unique Ways To Clean Your Home

Housework is always a ‘chore.’ Here are some unique ways to clean your home using some unconventional methods and 3 items that don’t cost an arm and a leg – and are probably already in your kitchen.

Use Coke To Clean Your Home

Who knew one of the world’s most enjoyed drinks could be such a practical household staple? Coke is similar to an acidic cleaner. So why buy those expensive cleaners when you can perfectly clean those stubborn stains with Coke.

  1. Remove grease stains from clothing and fabric.
  2. Pour around toilet bowl, leave for a while, flush.
  3. Pour onto kitchen floor, leave for a few minutes, wipe up.
  4. Descale your kettle.
  5. Remove marker stains from your carpet.
  6. Soak a cloth with Coke and rub your window. Then simply wash the glass pane with water.

Fix Carpet Dents With An Ice Cube

It’s nice to move around the furniture every now and again, it can feel like you’ve moved into a new home. But after moving a piece of furniture after years of resting, whether off a carpeted floor or a fibrous rug, there will be permanent-looking notches beneath its feet. These indents are more than unattractive, as they can become early signs of wear and tear, unless fixed before damage is done. Here’s where an ice cube comes in handy. Place an ice cube on top of the indented carpet fibers and let it melt. Once your ice cube has turned into a puddle of wet carpet, use your fingertip to fluff up the fibers, getting them upright and indent-free yet again.

Clean Your Toilet With Kool Aid

Remember Kool Aid? It’s time to head to the drugstore or grocery store and pick up a package. There’s no need to use stinky or toxic cleaners in your toilet, because a Kool Aid packet is all you need. You can opt for lemon or orange, because you want one with citric acid. Just sprinkle the package into the bowl before bed, then scrub lightly with a toilet brush, and let it sit. The citric acid will work its magic on buildup and stains all night long, so when you flush the next morning, they will all be gone.

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