Turning Your Home Into A Short Term Rental

Turning Your Home Into a Short Term Rental

Turning Your Home Into A Short Term Rental

You’ve weighed out the pros and cons. You’ve decided to rent your property short term. How do you go about turning your home into a short term rental? There are several things to consider:

Safe Environment

Create a safe and pleasant experience for your guests. Assess your home for possible hazards and have supplies readily available. Ways to prepare your home include:

  • Assess for any loose wires, integrity of stairs and entrances.
  • Arrange for safety locks on cupboards and drawers with detergents, cleaners.
  • Review safe occupancy limits.
  • Provide emergency contacts, first aid kits.
  • Ensure appropriate temperatures and ventilation.
  • Provide additional light bulbs, batteries.
  • Test all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors’ functionality.
  • Have fire extinguisher available.


While you are renting your home, be courteous of your neighbors and let them know about your plans and guests.

  • Have rules regarding pets allowed. This will ensure your guests will be mindful of your neighbors’ property.
  • Inform your guests of neighborhood rules (parking restrictions, pets, noise, garbage)
  • Ask a neighbor if they would be willing to work with you. They could be a good resource when you are away.

Protect Your Property

Some online platforms provide insurance for incidents to your property. However, take the proper precautions. Consider the following suggestions to secure your home.

  • Install a keyless entry for ease of use.
  • Place security cameras on the property.
  • Purchase home products or apps that allow you control over utilities (i.e. thermostat).
  • Lock up personal items in a safe or other secure container.
  • Create rules for your home (pets, noise limitations, restricted areas).

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