Sell Your Home Faster

Make a Good First Impression

Step-by-step Guide to Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell your home? A new coat of paint, nice landscaping, and professional home staging can help you sell your home, but there is one thing that can sell your home faster than any of these – pricing your house right. Did you know a home’s first two weeks on the market are the most crucial to the success of the sale? Yes, the first two weeks is the right time when the house will get the most attention from Internet searches and buyers’ agents, so it’s important to make a good first impression at the right price. The buyers will simply move on if your house isn’t priced correctly. This is where our experts come into the play. When you list a house for sale Nassau County NY, or anywhere in the NYC area there are numerous things to consider to make it sell faster in the market. We will join you in this process to help you sell your listed house for sale Nassau County NY, or anywhere in the NYC area.

Showing Your Home

Once you’ve prepared your house for sale and set a price, it’s ready for the public to show.

What is a showing?

A showing your process of putting your single family home for sale in Queens NY, in front of the public to see it. It can happen as an open house in which a session is scheduled that allows the visitors to come by without an appointment. You can also make an option to schedule an appointment with your agent to see your home listed for sale.

What are tips to follow to prepare my house for showing?

In order to positions your single family home for sale in Queens NY, or anywhere in the NYC area, you must get expert advice from your real estate agent for advice on preparing your home for showing. Usually, preparations are done in two phases. Before photos are taken before the first showing during phase one. Here are a few things to consider while preparing your home for showing.

  • Perform a deep clean
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to both your interior and exterior
  • Fix minor plumbing repairs
  • If your budget allows performing major repairs such as replacing counters and appliances too
  • Showcase the best features of your home by staging your furniture
  • Take out personal items such as family photos
  • Remove unwanted items from every surface and storage space
  • Pack excess items and reorganize closets
  • Clean fireplace and remove rugs to eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Warm up the appearance of your home by adding a color scheme
  • Make your room look brighter by upgrading the light fixtures
  • Perform landscaping
  • Clean decks and sidewalks using power washing

What to consider when showing my house?

Consider the following points while showing your house for sale in Queens NY, or anywhere in the NYC area.

  • Don’t stand along with the buyer when your house is being shown. Buyers always choose to have a look at the house when they are able to move freely or when the owners are not around.
  • Make your house available for showing at the odd times too. You may lose some buyers if you feel it is inconvenient to show your home at dinnertime or on weekends.
  • Carefully listen to the feedback from the buyers and the real estate agents because it can help you in making your home more appealing.

Review Offers

When you get an offer for your 1 family house for sale in Queens NY, you must review it before to determine how to respond to the offer.

What is an offer from a buyer?

An offer given by the buyer is a purchase agreement signed by the same, which features the following information.

  • The amount of the offer
  • An explanation of how the buyers will pay, such as cash or a pre-approval for financing
  • The terms or contingencies
  • A target date for closing
  • Deposit Amount
  • A time limit for the offer

What are the steps to evaluate an offer?

When you get an offer from a buyer, it should be presented by your seller agent in New York they will evaluate the offer with you, provide the pro’s and con’s and guide your decide on whether to accept or reject it. When you are evaluating the offer, you must look into the following:

  • The amount the buyer has agreed to offer
  • Whether the contingencies are waived or included
  • Whether the funds are coming from local lender or all-cash
  • The closing date and the date of possession
  • Special requirements listed by the buyer

What should I do if I receive multiple offers?

Your seller agent in New York will help you in one of the following if you are receiving multiple offers.

  • They will help you to accept the best offer that stands out from the rest. But, beware that you aren’t swayed by a high offer if the financing seems uncertain or if the buyer hasn’t explained a plan for a possible low appraisal.
  • Counter all the offers to get a better price and terms. In such cases, you can ask the buyer to revamp the offer in a certain deadline.
  • You choose an offer that’s close to your requirements. You can also send a counteroffer to check whether they can accept it.

Along with your agent, you can negotiate with the buyer until you both agree on the final contract.

Prepare for Home Inspection

In most cases, buyers ask for a home inspection to dig more deeply about the 1 family house for sale in Queens NY. Your real estate agent can give your personalized advice on preparing your home for inspection.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is performed by a home inspector to review the structure of your home and provide a detailed report on what to be done to fix minor or major repairs, if any. This inspection report can be used by the buyer to reconsider their offer if a major issue is uncovered. Sometimes, the home inspection report is provided just to inform the buyer about the condition of the home for sale and cannot be used for negotiation.

What does a home inspector do during the inspection?

A home inspector will check for,

  • Structural damages
  • The condition of the roof
  • Mechanical issues in heater and air conditioning system
  • Issues in electronic appliances
  • Plumbing issues
  • Problems in electrical system
  • Safety issues

What items are checked during a home inspection?

The home inspectors skip unusual or inaccessible items including,

  • Septic systems
  • Wells
  • Underground pipes and sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Playground equipment

How to prepare my home for an inspection?

Before performing a home inspection, do the following preparations:

  • Deep clean your house for sale
  • Remove your pets or crate them
  • Make sure all the lighting fixtures in your house are in good working condition
  • Empty the dishwashers, washing machine, dryer, and oven if they are in the list for inspection
  • Ensure your garage and shed are easily accessible
  • If any appliance isn’t working, leave a note and inform them it is going to be fixed
  • Provide documents on all the maintenance and repairs done

What to do with the home inspection report?

Once you get the home inspection report, sit with your real estate agent to decide on the issues that you can handle. During this process, you can,

  • Negotiate with the buyers
  • Decide to fix an item
  • Provide money for the buyers to fix it themselves or
  • Provide documentation that the problem has already been addressed

Home Appraisal

A home appraisal is significant as you near the end of your home sale journey. Talk with your agent & mortgage broker and collect materials and documents that are required to prepare for a home appraisal.

What is a home appraisal?

A home appraisal is the valuation of a property that can act as a safeguard for buyers and buyer lenders. Moreover, it works from the lender. Like a home inspection, it evaluates your property, but the result is an appraised value of your property rather than a report that lists the condition of your property.

How to perform a home appraisal?

A home appraiser uses different data to determine the accurate value of your New York houses for sale. They perform the following procedures:

  • Compare properties in your area that are of similar age, size, and condition with your home for sale.
  • The condition of your home’s systems and structure
  • The square feet of your property
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Your location
  • The quality of your flooring, plumbing, and electrical systems

How to prepare for a home appraisal?

  • Provide details about the age and condition of your roof, HVAC system, and appliances
  • Provide permits required for home improvements
  • Deep clean your house for sale
  • Remove pets
  • Stay out of the appraiser way

Can a home appraisal affect the selling of my home?

  • If your property value comes lower than the selling price, the appraisal requires renegotiation. The appraisal value includes the maximum amount the lender will allow the buyers to borrow, minus their down payment. If the appraisal value is low, you can,
    • Ask the buyer to provide extra cash to make up the difference between the loan amount and the purchase price.
    • Lower the price to the appraised value
    • Split the difference with the buyer
    • Cancel the contract

Close the Sales

Closing sales is the final step of the selling process.

What are the steps to follow before closing the sale?

Before closing your New York studio apartments for sale, you must,

  • Fix the repairs listed in the contract
  • Collect receipts, documents, before and after photos of the repairs
  • Collect manuals and guarantee for the buyers
  • Choose a mover
  • Cancel all the utilities for the day after you move
  • Change your physical address
  • Review the settlement document and statement
  • Check the property survey
  • Deep clean the house
  • Prepare for the final walk-through for the buyers

What to consider when closing a sale for my house?

Consult with your agent & attorney in New York to confirm what is needed for the closing process.

  • Final balance on your mortgage
  • Real estate commissions
  • Prorated property taxes, utility bills, homeowner’s insurance, and homeowners association dues

Sellers should arrange for a rentback if they are unable to move before the closing. Your real estate agent can prepare all the documentation for the rentback. After closing, if the buyers find something that needs to be fixed, your agent can help you decide how to handle it.

Stay in touch with your real estate agents to successfully sell your home faster!

Home Buying Process Made Easier

Everything You Ought to Know About Home Buying

Have you ever felt your heart skipping a beat whenever you come across an ad for a single family home for sale in Queens NY? Purchasing your dream home is one of the most important accomplishments of your life and comes with its own challenges. Buying a home is a gateway to both short and long term financial success. You might have been filled with thoughts from your friends and family members who encourage you to buy a home. But, if you are a first-time homebuyer, still wondering if buying a home is the right thing to do, then this guide is for you. The more you know about the home buying, the less scary the process will appear to you.

Home Visit

Are you planning to buy a home or have booked one already? Then, you must understand the need for a home visit. At TEAM NWE of Keller Williams Realty Landmark, we make arrangements to visit a house for sale in Nassau Country NY, or anywhere in the NYC area, together with your family or in-person to determine the best fit for you.

What should I do when visiting homes?

  • When you make an appointment visit to a house for sale in Nassau Country NY, or anywhere in the NYC area try to gather as many details about the price range, payment option, pre-approval letter, and more.
  • Set an appointment with your real estate buyer agent in New York to talk about the wants and requirements you have on your dream property.
  • If you aren’t interested in visiting the property, you can download the KW app to preview the pictures of the home listed.

What to expect when I am on a home visit?

  • Visit the home listed for sale along with your real estate agent.
  • Spend little or as much time as you want looking through the house.
  • Discuss with your real estate agent to learn more about the property value, its proximities, and price range to re-evaluate your option before coming to a conclusion.

Is there a limit to a home visit?

Absolutely no! Some home buyers find their dream home after their first visit, whereas others look at more than 50 homes to find one that fits their needs and requirements. It’s recommended to make a home visit to three or four properties to compare the options and then decide on a place where you can spend the rest of your life.

What are the factors I should look for when performing home visits?

  • Check all the features of the house to ensure that it’s worth buying.
  • Inspect and check the condition of the home.
  • Take pictures and notes.
  • While making a home visit, you must consider possible home improvement you have to make after buying and analyze the cost it may require.
  • Some people concentrate more on the interior of the property and forget about its exterior. Many real estate agents recommend you to take the exterior of the property into account to get brief information about the value of the property. Moreover, our real estate agents are able to provide you with neighborhood insights and data to help you in the process of making an informed decision.
  • Make sure the commuter route, park, schools, shop, and other amenities are in close proximity.
  • If the 2 family house for sale in Queens NY is in a homeowners association, figure out the fees and rules to see if you can live with them.

Make a Great Purchase Offer

When you’ve found your dream home, our buyer agents will help you in making a great offer for the house.

What does a purchase offer form include?

A standard home purchase offer form for 1 family house for sale in Queens NY, or anywhere in the NYC area includes the following details that are in accordance with the state and local laws,

  • The price
  • Terms of conditions
  • The target date for closing
  • Deposit based on preapproval arrangement with mortgage company.
  • Walk-through request
  • The time limit for the offer

What are the contingencies to be included in your home purchasing contract?

Financing Contingency

The sale of the home is secured on an acceptable mortgage or other methods of paying. You must write a contingency clause that frees you if you can’t finalize your mortgage within a certain number of days. It’s recommended to write a contingency clause, even if you have a pre-approval for a loan, in order to protect yourself from any harm in the future.

Inspection Contingency

Having a home inspection contingency clause helps you in case if the inspection uncovers expensive necessary repairs. When you have this, your offer depends only on a satisfactory home inspection report within a certain number of days.

Should I worry about multiple offers?

When you are in a competitive housing market, finding yourself competing with other buyers is inevitable. At TEAM NWE of Keller Williams Realty Landmark, our agents are aware of the real-time market data and are informed in making the best offer for you. We follow the best strategy that makes sure your offer is accepted in the first place, no matter how many offers compete with you. There are three possibilities for a seller to accept an offer when there are multiple offer requests.

  • They will accept the best offer among all
  • They will counter all the suggestions to get a better price and terms
  • They will choose an offer that suits the best for them

Our agents work with the buyers to figure out what’s important to the sellers, such as specific moving date, and to discuss possibly waiving contingencies and more.

What should I do when I receive a counteroffer?

A counteroffer is made by the seller with simple adjustments to single or all of the terms. When you receive a counteroffer, you can accept or reject it, or you can place a counteroffer to the seller. When you and the seller agree on all the terms, the purchase contract for the home for sale in NY will be finalized. Our agents will assist you in negotiating the terms of your purchase with the seller.

Executing a Purchase Contract

During the execution of your purchase contract, you must be in close contact with your real estate agent & attorney as they can help you in making some of the smart decisions on the purchase of the single family home for sale in Queens NY.

What are the key points to be included in your home purchase contract?

The following points are included in your home purchase contract:

  • Your name and property address (the information must be accurate, and the spelling must be correct)
  • The date when the contract becomes effective (This is important because the contingencies have a time limit.)
  • List the contingencies including financing, property appraisal, home inspection, and sales
  • Property disclosure information as provided by the state law
  • A complete list of property details
  • A list of home inspections to be done before the purchase of your dream home
  • Move-in date and other information related to it
  • A kick-out clause that allows the seller to accept another offer if one is made before your home is sold.

When to negotiate and let go of the contract?

You don’t have to worry about it. Our agents and your attorney have got you covered! They will help you in every step of the way to buying your dream property and your requirements and terms to accepting it. You can let go of your contract when,

  • The bidding price is too high
  • The value of your home appraisal below your offer
  • There are very expensive home repairs
  • The sellers refuse to fix simple repairs
  • You find the home owner association rules aren’t going to work for you

What are the common mistakes to avoid in a contract?

Some of the common mistakes that you can easily avoid in your contract are,

  • Impractical Deadlines: Don’t include unrealistic deadlines because you need more time to arrange a home inspection and receive the report, and it is the same for financing too.
  • Missing Deadlines: When you miss the deadline, you will lose your chance to end the contract and keep your deposit.
  • Items that don’t convey with the property
  • Details from your lender

Home Inspection

Once your offer is accepted, the next step to follow is to schedule a home inspection.  But, you may feel it is harder to find a home inspector in a busy season. So rely on your real estates agents as they can find the best home inspectors for you.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a process of checking the home systems, appliances, and structures in your home to evaluate its condition. Once the inspection is complete, you will get a written report that identifies potential problems and future maintenance issues. You have the freedom to walk away from the house or ask the sellers to fix the minor repairs for you. The “information only” inspection allows you to know the condition of your home even if you have decided to buy the home as is.

What type of inspections does the home inspector perform?

Your home inspector will check the following details:

  • Structural damages including repairs in the foundation, beams, and floors
  • Roof inspection
  • Issues with your mechanical system including heaters and air conditioning
  • Electrical and electronic appliances
  • Plumbing issues including leaks, water pressure, and more
  • Issues with electrical systems
  • Safety issues

What should I consider when having a home inspection?

You and your agent should attend the home inspection to know more about the home maintenance to foresee and fix any potential problems by yourself. You can ask whatever your questions and clear your doubts with the inspector to find a solution to your problem.

What can I do with a home inspection report?

Based on the home inspection report, you and your agent can negotiate on anything in the home inspection report. Here is a list of questions you can ask your home inspector.

  • Are the issues you have marked minor or major?
  • What should I do to fix the flagged issues?
  • Can you provide me with the exact estimate of the cost of any repairs?
  • Should I hire an electrician or structural engineer to fix the issue?
  • What are the things that I must do after moving into the home?

Home Warranty

A home warranty lasts for a year and is renewable. Some sellers have a home warranty that covers their home when it’s on the market and informs the buyers about it too. So, ask your real estate agent about the home warranty options available.

What is a Home Warranty?

A typical home warranty lasts for a year and is renewable. It also provides coverage for some of your home’s systems and appliances. The warranty will also cover repair costs and arrange for contractors.

Why do I need a home warranty?

Are you purchasing a home with appliances that are more than four years old? Then you must buy a home warranty. It helps you in finding a reliable contractor and pays for unexpected home repairs too. A home warranty is beneficial if you are a first-time homebuyer, and you have limited savings. You can get good recommendations from your real estate agent to decide on a home warranty service provider. If you are building a new home, structural defects are usually under warranty by the builder for ten years, and other items are typically covered for six months to two years, so you don’t need a home warranty.

What are the factors to consider in a home warranty?

You and your real estate agent must review the following details to get a good home warranty.

  • The home warranty company’s license with your state’s real estate commission
  • The fine print
  • What are the items covered under home warranty
  • Your home warranty coverage limit
  • Service fee and deductibles
  • The time frame for service and claims
  • How contractors are vetted
  • Coverage differences between a basic warranty and enhanced warranty
  • Online reviews

Close the Deal

Before closing your purchase, the attorneys will choose the title company for your title search and the closing.

What should a buyer do before closing the purchase?

When you are closing the purchase for the listed house for sale in New York, you must be aware of the following points:

  • Stay in close contact with your real estate agent, buyer & mortgage broker
  • Avoid late payments and new credit applications to minimize the risk of lowering your credit score.
  • Make sure your contract contingencies are resolved
  • Finalize our home insurance policy
  • Review your closing disclosure form
  • Get a check for the funds you need for the Closing
  • Make a walk-through within 24 hours before your closing to check its condition

What are the items to be included in your paperwork?

  • A government-issued photo ID
  • Proof of homeowner’s insurance
  • Your copy of the contract
  • All paperwork associated with your loan and the home purchase
  • Your cashier’s check or wire transfer confirmation
  • Your checkbook for miscellaneous funds that weren’t included on your closing estimate

What are the documents you require to close the deal?

On the day of closure, you must sign the following important documents:

  • Promissory Note to repay the mortgage
  • Deed of Trust
  • What’s covered and what’s not
  • Initial Escrow Disclosure
  • Right to Cancel form

What are the steps to follow after closing?

After closing the deal, make sure to follow the given points to avoid any complications:

  • Keep the signed documents in a secure place
  • Minimize the chances of low credit score
  • Change your physical address
  • Hire a locksmith and change the locks and security codes of your house
  • Review due dates and new budget

Stay in touch with your real estate agents for future recommendations and service