Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Have you ever thought about trying to grow an indoor herb garden? Space in our area is at a premium. Not all homes have the room outdoors to grow a garden, but there are still loads of things a homeowner can grow to keep the freshest ingredients available for all of your culinary adventures.

You can establish a year-round indoor garden that can supply the freshest of ingredients from a tiny space. You should look around your house and choose your best location – and don’t limit yourself to just the kitchen.

Basil, chives, mints and parsley are just a few that do very nicely in pots with bright indirect light. It might surprise you to know you don’t need direct sunlight for growing most herbs;; the indirect light most of us get will work fine.

East-, south- and west-facing windows should all give your herbs enough light, especially if you set up a small table or use a counter that keeps plants about a foot away from window glass.

Start with a few basics, such as oregano, thyme, parsley, basil and rosemary. Then add a few others that your family particularly enjoys in their favorite meals. Cilantro? Dill? Chives?

Check your local garden center for high-quality seeds or for healthy and vigorous-looking starter plants. Or maybe find a selection of starter plants in your grocery store’s produce section. You can even find a selection of starter seeds on Amazon.

If your herb garden is in your kitchen, the plants should get some additional humidity from your use of the sink or dishwasher. If not, lightly mist them with a water spray bottle from time-to-time.

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