DIY: Use A Drill To Clean The Tub

DIY Home Maintenance - Clean Your Tub With a Drill

DIY Home Maintenance – Use a Drill to Clean the Tub

DIY Home Maintenance isn’t something that you watch on the Home & Garden Network. After years of dirt and grime building up on the surface of one’s bathtub, it typically takes lots of elbow grease to deep clean that tub. That is unless you have a cordless drill and foam polishing ball attachment. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily find them at most auto repair shops in the wash/wax section or a quick stop at Simply apply the household bathtub cleaner and let the rotating ball do the work for you.

Also, while you’re at the automotive store, pick up a bottle of windshield rain repellant and apply it to the glass (door and walls) of your shower—to help reduce the amount of soap scum buildup.

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