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Conventional Loan: What Documents Do I Need?

Are you looking into a Conventional Loan for your next home purchase? Your Mortgage Broker will give you a list of everything they need from you. However, its always smart to know what your getting into ahead of time. Here is a list of the documents you will need to start gathering for your Lender. They may request others, but these are the most common:


  • Driver’s License, Passport or other State/Federal issued ID


  • Paystubs for last 30 days
  • Federal Tax Returns for last 2 years
  • W-2s for last 2 years
  • Proof of any additional income (SS, Alimony, etc)


  • Last 2 statements on all bank accounts
  • Statements for all investment and/or retirement accounts


  • Settlement statement from previous sale (if applicable)

Additional Documents

  • Contact info for Landlords for last 2 years (if applicable)
  • Divorce Decree/Separation Agreement (if applicable)
  • Gift Letter if a family member is helping you with down payment 
  • Letter of explanation for any late payments, collections, judgements or other negative items on your credit report
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