Can Credit Card Fraud Come From Saving Cards Online?

Should I Store My Credit Card Info Online?

Can Credit Card Fraud Come From Saving Cards Online?

Though, the convenience of saving your credit card information on your favorite sites is appealing – Due to increasing incidence of data theft and credit card fraud, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages consumers to take into account the risks involved in storing their credit card information online.

The BBB offers these suggestions to protect your financial information from credit card fraud:

You Can Say No. In most cases, merchants will ask if you’d like them to keep your number on file. You have the right to say no.

Remove Your Credit Card Information. Some online merchants automatically store your credit card info without asking, so after you’ve made a purchase, log into your account and find the option to remove your payment information from a company’s files.

Stay Safe When You’re Out And About. Avoid making any transactions over a public Wi-Fi network that does not require a password. Hackers can set up a fake network with a name similar to that of the location where free Wi-ˇFi is offered. If you connect to it, they can get into your files and steal your information. Ask for the name of the location’s Wi-Fi network before connecting.

Use Credit, Not Debit. Whether you use a debit or credit card, you are protected from any liability due to fraud. Debit cards, however, allow cybercriminals to empty your bank account after a data breach.

Keep A Close Watch On Credit And Bank Statements. Be vigilant about scanning your statements for unusual or unauthorized charges. If anything looks suspicious, call your financial institution right away.

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