Contingencies – Understanding The Parts Of An Offer In most purchase transactions there may be a slight challenge or two, but most things will go quite smoothly. However, you want to anticipate potential problems. That way, if something does go wrong, you can cancel the contract without penalty. These are called “contingencies” and you must be sure … Continue reading Contingencies – Understanding The Parts Of An Offer

Home Maintenance: Plumbing Home maintenance: plumbing. In order to keep water flowing freely through your pipes, keep the following things in mind: Accumulating fats and oils are the main cause for clogs, so never pour fats or other oils down your drains. This includes oils that are not solid at room temperature. If you accidentally spill oils … Continue reading Home Maintenance: Plumbing

Home Maintenance: Gutters Home maintenance: gutters. Gutters may go practically unnoticed when you look at your house. However, they are the main line of defense between your foundation and siding and the elements. Gutters are designed to capture water and debris runoff from your roof. They divert it away from your foundation. One of the main causes of water accumulation … Continue reading Home Maintenance: Gutters