Create a Happy Home Your home should be your sanctuary. A refuge from the stresses of everyday life. A place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and spend time with friends and family. It doesn’t take much to create a happy home. If your home isn’t bringing you the happiness it should, take a look at … Continue reading Create a Happy Home

Six Tips to Decluttering Your House Decluttering your house continues to be a buzzword, but the idea is nothing new. Heard the phrase, “a place for everything, and everything in its place”? Some attribute the quote to founding father Benjamin Franklin. Add shelves to your garage Get tools, boxes and holiday decorations off the floor by installing shelves … Continue reading Declutter Your House

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home Are you trying to be more green and reduce your carbon footprint? For more Americans, heating and cooling your home accounts for nearly 50% of personal carbon emissions. Adequate Insulation Check your home’s insulation to make sure you’re not losing that warm air your home works so hard to provide you with. Energy … Continue reading Reduce Your Carbon Footprint At Home

Do You Store Your Credit Card Info Online? Storing your credit card info online is something you should think twice about. Though, the convenience of saving your credit card info on your favorite sites is appealing – Due to increasing incidence of data theft, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages consumers to take into account the risks involved … Continue reading Do You Store Your Credit Card Info Online?